The perfect combination between high-end materials and the handcrafted experience of certified professionals. We took the minimalist wallet concept to the next level and this is the result.

Welcome to the definition of functionalism at its highest point.


1️⃣ Pull down the special trigger to get instant access to your cards.

 2️⃣ Select the one you need.

3️⃣ Push the cards down with your fingers.

The Ohmiux Wallet ® also comes with a sticky card holder in the back to provide an extra space for your most valuable essentials. Also, you can remove it anytime and link it to your phone case to get a faster reach for your cards, cash and more. Our sticky card holder has 3M technology to provide a tough attachment wherever you want to place it.

The Ohmiux Wallet ® is perfect for carrying the essential day-to-day items in a slim and comfortable way. Our wallets are made of polycarbonate and anodized materials to avoid scratches and deformation while it’s in your pocket.

Nobody wants to experience fraud; that is a fact. Over 3.2 million credit card related fraud cases have been reported in the USA. The Ohmiux Wallet ® has RFID Blocking Technology to avoid identity and information theft. Verified by VISA & Mastercard.

The Ohmiux Wallet ® is scratch and shock proof. Hold and carry your items in the most reliable wallet in the industry.

a lot of space for your cards!

definitely, the most functional wallet.

designed above the average.

Thousands of people are joining the Ohmiux Army!


How many cards does it hold?

You can easily carry up to 10 cards with the Ohmiux Wallet ® (6 in the main slot and 4 more in the sticky holder).

Is this wallet RFID Blocking?

Yes, it is! The Ohmiux Wallet ® will protect your cards from fraud and information theft.

Where do you ship from?

We send our products from our headquarters located in Miami, Florida via the United States Postal Service.

I placed an order and I haven't received yet. How many days does it takes to arrive?

Due to the current situation, it takes around 9-15 business days. We'll always provide your tracking number and as soon as the package ships out, you'll receive a notification.

Testimonials 👉🏻

Greg Norman from Brooklyn, NY.

"I usually carry around 8-10 cards with me and I couldn't find any top-quality wallet with that storage until I meet the Ohmiux Wallet. It literally has everything I was looking for: A slim and modern wallet to carry all my essentials. Totally satisfied."

Clay Johnson from Boston, MA.

"Before I got this wallet, I ordered two more from other brands and they were totally garbage! Thanks god I had lucky with this one. It has great quality, so strong and also, the cards won't fall out! Whoever is reading this, you MUST get this wallet ASAP!"

Todd Schifter from Venice Beach, CA.

"I always thought: Why the companies haven't created a wallet for smartphones? When I saw the Ohmiux Wallet, it blew my mind! It's a regular wallet but you can use the sticky card holder to attach to your phone! 100% recommended!"

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